Monday, September 4, 2017

Why Eliminate a Government Agency Doing Great Work

There's a government agency that has done fabulous work not on behalf of corporate lobbyists or the big banks or even the pharmaceutical industry.   It's an agency that has done fabulous work to help the average citizen.

It's the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The New York Times piece indicates the agency has done such fabulous work, it might be too difficult for Republicans to kill it.

Republicans have opposed the agency since its creation during the Obama Administration.  For some, the fact it was created by the Obama Administration may be reason enough alone to oppose it.  But this agency and your member's support or opposition provides a quick test you can apply to your local television station.

Have your local TV reporters questioned their members of Congress where they stand on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?   If your local TV reporters haven't ever questioned their members of Congress, it's a good indication that the corporate owner of your local TV station doesn't care about you, your community, or the rights of consumers.  Like many, they only care about maximizing revenue.   Any news organization that's actually concerned about democracy and solid journalism, would be questioning their members of Congress.

What are your local TV reporters doing?   Remember, if they're not questioning their members of Congress it's not their fault.   The fault lies with corporate management.

Terrorists don't have a chance to destroy democracy.   Three things do:  government secrecy combined with corporate greed combined with the failure of the press to do its job.   When journalism fails, bad things happen.


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