Saturday, March 25, 2017

Network Presidents Need to Apologize

Why does the United States have the highest cost of healthcare in the world?

Why aren't ABC, NBC, CBS examining that issue in depth?   Why do the highly profitable corporate news organizations fail to do substantive reporting?   

Fox isn't included because Fox has never made any pretense of being concerned about doing substantive journalism.   Fox is there to drive a Republican agenda and to maximize profit.  

Profit, of course, is what's most important.  

Profit, of course, is what ABC, NBC and CBS have also demonstrated is most important. Our corporate news organizations don't care about the country or democracy or journalism. If they did, we would see solid in-depth reporting on healthcare, on climate change, on our continuing state of war.   We'd be seeing one special (multiple half hour, hour long shows, not 3 minute stories) if ABC, NBC, and CBS actually cared about either journalism or the country.   And thanks to the Internet, those thoughtful programs would be continually available for the public and politicians and business leaders to watch. 

Where's the substantive, in-depth reporting on what the Republicans have done for the past seven years to develop an alternative to the Affordable Care Act?   Why aren't the networks doing what professional news organizations  are supposed to do?   Why aren't they doing in-depth accountability journalism?   Why aren't our media reporters asking the network presidents to answer that question?   

The heads of ABC, CBS and NBC need to apologize to the American public.    The entire country is paying the price for the failure of the networks to do the journalism required.  The entire country is paying the price for corporate news organizations who don't care about the country, democracy or journalism, just profit.

In the movie Wall Street, Michael Douglas delivers a wonderful presentation about how "GREED IS GOOD."   There are two things to remember about this.  One:  it's a movie.   Two:  greed never has been, is not now, and never will be good.

Journalism in America is failing because of corporate greed.   Healthcare is more expensive in this country than any other because of corporate greed.    Unfortunately, the country has elected the King of Greed, Donald Trump.