Saturday, June 17, 2017

Does NBC Believe in Journalism?

Does NBC believe in journalism?  Megyn Kelly's interview with Alex Jones should answer the question.

Journalism is about holding those with power and influence accountable.   If you're not doing accountability journalism, it's not journalism.

Will Megyn Kelly hold Alex Jones accountable?  If she does, it can be a highly worthwhile program. 

If she doesn't, then NBC should simply ask the entertainment division for a laugh track to add to her show.  And NBC should apologize for its lack of standards.


Thursday, June 1, 2017

Time to Change the Climate at the Networks

Any citizen concerned about climate change should send three letters, three emails and make three phone calls, one each to ABC, NBC, and CBS.

Ask one question:  why hasn't your network ever done an in-depth piece of reporting on climate change?

Report what you find on social media.  

There's really no need to ask the "who do you hate today network," Fox News anything. Climate change reporting would require something that Fox News has no interest in:  real reporting.   

When journalism fails, bad things happen.