Sunday, August 19, 2012

Romney's Taxes Are the Perfect Case Study

If Mitt Romney wanted to show the problem with the current tax system he would immediately show his taxes from the last several years.   More than likely, everything is perfectly legal.   Most likely, Mitt Romney has taken advantage of every single legal loophole that is designed to benefit the super rich.  It would be surprising if he had not.  

By showing his taxes he'd be able to showcase the American tax system as it now works. This is an ideal case study.   Romney's taxes demonstrate how class warfare was fought and won long ago by the super rich.   

So why isn't the Washington press corps making a point of that?     

"Mr. Romney, why would you not want to show your taxes?   Wouldn't your taxes demonstrate the need for tax reform, wouldn't your taxes demonstrate just how tilted our tax system has become with loophole after loophole designed to help the super rich, wouldn't showing your taxes help lead the debate for the need for tax reform fairness?"

You can't blame Romney for a Washington press corps that insists on doing such superficial analysis.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Real Sports Reporting

One primary contributing factor to college athletic scandal after college athletic scandal is the failure of the press to do its job.   Instead of report, the local press plays cheerleader.  

But the News Observer is a great exception and doing some first-rate reporting on athletic academic corruption at North Carolina.     Way to go News Observer; you're doing what reporters are supposed to do. 

As for the university, a News Observer headline says it best:  UNC Reluctant to Dig Deeper on Scandal.   The last thing we need is another university that has university ethics.   At least the public can be assured the News Observer will continue to dig and continue to report.  Finally, we have some sports reporting that is truly worth cheering.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Newspapers who get it v Newspapers who don't

It doesn't get easier than this.   Just click on the what the Denver Post is doing; then take a look at the Cincinnati Enquirer.   It's today v 20 years ago.   If you own Gannett stock, sell, sell, sell.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

When Breaking News Happens - Minimize It!

That seems to be the philosophy of the Cincinnati Enquirer.   Here's the home page this Sunday afternoon.  The headlines:  What's next when an invisible life shatters; Camp Joy makes happy campers; Can the Walnut Hills Kroger be saved.   And just above the fold in little bitty type: Police:  7 dead in shooting at Wisconsin Sikh temple.

The Enquirer certainly has an interesting strategy, and it will be interesting to see if being as dull as possible on the Sunday home page increases page views.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cincinnati Enquirer Commits Suicide (or it should)

If the Cincinnati Enquirer web site were a person, relatives would be doing an intervention.
It appears the site is trying to commit suicide.  The home page is consistently visually dull, it is boring.

A few weeks ago when a major storm took out power of millions of homes across the country, WCPO and WKRC and WLWT had home pages featuring the storm.   That makes sense.  That's obvious.  That's the big story.  That's visual.   What did the Enquirer highlight?  I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP.   Leaping carp.  Take a look.

Today, it appears once again the Enquirer is trying to win the most boring news site web page in the world.  Congratulations Enquirer, you're winning.

Please, make it stop.  Sometimes suicide does make sense.   The Enquirer web site makes a first-rate argument for self immolation.