Friday, August 11, 2017

A 1-Question Story Every Station Should Do

Yes, newsrooms are under increasing pressure.  Staffs have been cut.   Reporters have to produce tweets, Facebook posts and more stories.   Reporters have less time to crank out more work.  

So here's an easy one.   For television, reporters don't even have to leave the newsroom, just do it via Skype or Facetime.   It's one question, and with the start of another football season incredibly timely.

Ask your area high school principals:   Why do you support a sport medical science has documented causes brain damage?

Just edit their responses together, or run one each night.   And be sure to feature those principals who refuse to comment.   

How did university presidents respond when questioned about football concussions?  This video  provides the answer.   Note:  the clip's a year old so perhaps someone has done more reporting.   If so, please let me know.  

 And here's an easy one-question story for any media critic:  when it comes to sports, when will newsrooms put down their pom poms and pick up their pens?