Thursday, February 25, 2016

How Trump/Romney Tax Returns Can Help the Country

How unfortunate during the last election, Romney did NOT provide his tax returns.   If he actually cares about the country, he could still make them available.   So should Donald Trump because both the Trump and Romney returns will most likely show precisely the same thing:

1.   Everything was done legally.

2.  Our tax system is set up to benefit the super rich.    

You'd expect nothing else in an oligarchy.   Please Mr. Romney, if you wish to help the country you don't have to wait on Donald Trump's tax returns.   Show us yours.   Do something that actually benefits what little is left of our democracy.  Show us how broken the system is.   Show us your tax returns. 

Will he be the next head of the oligarchy?


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ken Stabler - One More Sad Story.

Excellent piece by the New York Times on Ken Stabler.   Where was the New York Times a decade ago?   Just as it did for the Iraq war, the New York Times played cheerleader. Instead of questioning and reporting on a serious issue, the Times just played cheerleader for a sport that causes brain damage.  

As the story says, "he (Ken Stabler) was robbed of the last 15 years of his life."

So why oh why did the New York Times play cheerleader for a sport that causes brain damage?  Why did news organizations across the country play cheerleader? 

Why oh why do news organizations today totally fail to question university presidents and high school administrators about a sport that causes brain damage?

When journalism fails, bad things happen.