Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Sexual Harassment and the Washington Press Corps

I'm watching MSNBC.   It's acting with disbelief, shock and revulsion at the process a woman must go through to file a sexual harassment complaint in the House of Representatives.

What it should be asking is where was the Washington Press Corps?

How in the world does this system get put in place, stay there for years,  and not be questioned by the Washington press corps?

Come on MSNBC.  Try this.  Instead of just putting people in the studio and letting them yack, spend a few dollars to have people do some reporting.   Go question Washington press corps reporters.  Ask them why they haven't done this story years ago.

And here's a super easy story for any MSNBC program.   Ask the head of NBC news to come on your show and explain why the network has never done an in-depth piece of reporting on climate change, racism, sexual harassment, our wars, money in politics or any other substantive issue facing the country.  

Terrorists don't have a chance at destroying democracy.   Three things do:  government secrecy, corporate greed and the failure of the press to do its job.  All three have been running full speed for years.    We had a war in Iraq because American journalism failed.  Donald Trump is president for the same reason.

Senator Al Franken apologizes for doing something despicable.   When will MSNBC?  During the primaries Morning Joe should have been called Morning Trump.   The show just turned its airwaves over to him.  Isn't it time to apologize Joe?  

When journalism fails, bad things happen.


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