Sunday, August 2, 2015

Jonathan Karl: Worst Interviews of Presidential Candidates Ever

I may have witnessed a broadcast first:  a network reporter interviewing two presidential candidates and failing to ask a single question about a single substantive issue. 

On ABC's This Week, Jonathan Karl didn't ask Donald Trump about climate change or inequality or ISIS or racism or student debt or any major issue.   He asked Donald Trump about what Donald Trump has said about other candidates.   And he asked whether Trump would select Sarah Palin as a running mate.  That doesn't qualify as asking a serious question. 

Next up on the show was Rick Santorum.   Jonathan Karl didn't ask him about any substantive issue either.   He just asked him about the polls.  

If you want to find out what a presidential candidate thinks about specific issues facing the country, don't bother watching a Jonathan Karl interview.  You watch a Jonathan Karl interview if you want a lesson on how not to interview a presidential candidate.

When journalism fails, bad things happen (and embarrassing things happen on network television).


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