Sunday, July 19, 2015

Trump: Masturbation Improves the Mind

If Donald Trump said "masturbation improves the mind," nearly every political journalist would do what they consistently do.   They'd ask all the other candidates the same question: "Donald Trump said masturbation improves the mind, what do you think of that?"

Masturbation Contest reported by the Tony Nwajei Post - There's No Indication if Trump is There to say "You've Fired." 

Attention political reporters:  what other candidates think of what Donald Trump says does not matter.

What matters are crucial issues facing the country.   What will each candidate do about them?

Donald Trump said schlong!   Oh my Oh my Oh my!    What does he say about climate change?   Hello reporters!   Knock Knock!   Anyone there?   Lights on, nobody home!

Why have our political reporters apparently forgotten how to ask a candidate his/her position on specific issues?  Why aren't our political reporters holding candidates accountable on specific issues?

Come on reporters; do your jobs.  Do what journalists are supposed to do.  Ask each candidate, including Donald Trump, specific questions about specific issues.  And when they avoid and sidestep the question, ask the question again.  Ask for specifics.  

What specific legislative and regulatory action needs to be taken regarding climate change? (Reminder:   any presidential debate moderator who doesn't immediately question candidates about climate change needs to be replaced, during, not after the debate).

What specific actions need to be taken to confront ISIS?  And if Donald Trump says he'd cut off their schlongs, fine, report it.  But don't ask every other candidate what they think of what Donald Trump says.  

The United States is the only industrialized nation that does not provide paid maternity leave.   Do you agree with that, and if not, what should be done? 

Why is healthcare far more expensive in the United States than anywhere else in the world, and what needs to be done about that?  (It's not because we provide better care; we don't.)

Should government officials who approve torture be held accountable?   Should government consultants who assisted with torture be held accountable?

What needs to be done with corporate executives who knowingly approve for a sale a product with a potential fatal safety defect that leads to multiple deaths?  

What specific actions do you recommend to address the current unequal justice system?

What needs to done about ever increasing income inequality?   

What specific actions do you recommend to address the high cost of college education?  Do you agree with the current priorities of Division I universities where the football team gets more full scholarships than any academic department, school or college?    Should universities save some money by eliminating a sport (football) that causes brain damage? Most likely, the only way a question like that would get asked is if Donald Trump says you could hurt your schlong playing football.  

When journalism fails, bad things happen.    


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