Thursday, August 6, 2015

Debate Reminders (that will probably be ignored)

Ask direct questions.   

Ask relevant questions.

That means the moderator must ask the candidate's specific position on climate change, the one issue that affects every citizen of the globe. 

When questioning the candidate's position to his opposition to the Iran deal, the moderator must ask for the candidate's specific recommendations.  The candidate saying we need "a better deal" does not suffice.   Political rhetoric does not suffice.  This will be difficult for Fox as it will have to ask for specific facts.   And this is a network that doesn't like or deal in facts.  Ideology doesn't require facts; journalism does. 

When the candidate doesn't answer the question, the moderator needs to point that out and ask the question again.

Since this is Fox News (the "who do we hate today network," and  "the cause of every problem in the world is caused by President Obama - soon to be the every problem in the world is caused by Hillary Clinton" network), the moderator should apologize to the American people for Roger Ailes, the man who has done more than anyone in history to degrade and debase thoughtful political discussion so necessary in a democracy.

When journalism fails, bad things happen.   Welcome to Fox News, the network that appears to have not followed its own requirements for determining the top 10 candidates. Had Fox followed its original guidelines for selecting candidates, it doesn't appear the Governor of Ohio would be.   

Fox - the "we really hate fact-based thoughtful reasoning" network.   


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