Friday, June 15, 2012

University Presidents Ignore Lawsuit Risk

Why do you suppose Division I university presidents are so incredibly silent on the risk of litigation posed by college football, a sport that causes brain damage?   Just read through the complaint filed by the NFL players, and all the medical studies are certainly available and known to universities.

The NFL players get big money.   College players get what, the promise of a college education?  The NFL is a business, a billion-dollar business.   A university's mission isn't supposed to be to maximize team revenue.  Doesn't a university have an ethical, moral and educational responsibility to students?  What will a university president say when questioned by the lawyer for a football brain-damaged student? 

Under deposition, on the witness stand, what does a university president say when asked, "why does your university recruit students to participate in a sport known to cause brain damage?"

A better question is for all the local journalists.   Why aren't you asking that question of your university president?

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