Monday, June 11, 2012

The Scavenger Hunt: Find Substantive Healthcare Reporting

News organizations are supposed to examine substantive issues.   One of the crucial issues of our time is healthcare.   A couple years ago, Frontline did a superb analysis, a program titled Sick Around the World.

Here's an easy story.   Go on a scavenger hunt for in depth reporting on healthcare by network television.  Ask CBS, NBC, ABC & Fox to provide the three best examples of thoughtful analysis and reporting on healthcare.   Name calling and yelling about Obamacare do not count.

For any network that can't provide anything, ask a follow up question to each commissioner on the FCC:  does a television network making huge profits have a responsibility to operate in the public interest?

Another quick story:  what thoughtful analysis has your member of Congress done on healthcare options that make sense?    Is your member of Congress looking for solutions or just spouting political talking points?

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