Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What did Ohio State Investigate?

On December 7, 2010, the U.S. Department of Justice sent the letter you see below to the legal affairs office of Ohio State.  It provides a long list of Ohio Sports memorabilia and a long list of student athlete names.   This is an evidence trail a junior high journalist could pursue.

How did Ohio State investigate?   Who did it put in charge of the investigation?  With Jim Tressel, Ohio State knew it had a coach with a highly questionable past regarding NCAA violations at Youngstown State.   Indeed, Ohio State's own performance evaluation of Tressel had rated him "unacceptable" in reporting NCAA violations.   Certainly, no university wanting to do a thorough investigation would put the athletic department in charge of investigating itself.

Who was put in charge of this investigation?  Ohio State University has refused to answer that question.

"I bet the chancellor's office would help," you say.   No, I checked with the chancellor's office asking if it would help get the information.  No, it would not.   Without question, someone was put in charge of the investigation.   What did that person's very first report, email or memo say and to whom was it sent?   I've made a public records request for that single public record.   Ohio State University refuses to provide it.   Guess it's time to file a mandamus action in the Ohio Supreme Court. 

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