Saturday, September 10, 2011

Failure of the Press Contributes to College Athletic Mess

The Wall Street Journal describes the current state of college football as the "grid of shame" Last spring, when Sports Illustrated investigated Ohio State, the headline read "investigation reveals eight-year pattern of violations under Tressel."  There is lots of criticism of coaches and universities, but how much of a contributing factor is the press? How could Tressel have an 8-year pattern of violations if reporters are doing what reporters are supposed to do?  

At Miami, a booster apparently was providing everything from dinners on the yacht to hookers and had been doing it for years.   How do the local reporters not notice, how do you explain local reporters not going after the obvious?    What happens when the press plays cheerleader instead of reporter?   Fired sports talk show host  Bruce Hooley provides some insight as does Sports Illustrated's George Dohrmann.  Click here to find out what prompted Sports Illustrated to investigate Ohio State and to hear what four reporters from the Columbus Dispatch told Bruce Hooley.

Why was Hooley, a highly rated sports talk show host, fired?  He gave his honest opinion and criticized Ohio State, a school Sports Illustrated found to have an 8-year pattern of violations. 


  1. I'm also trying to test out the comment feature here. If you're reading the blog, though, do follow the link ("Click here," above) to Karl's NewsiT video on newspaper coverage of the Ohio State mess - it's a sharp report on the problems both with the local coverage of events and with the excuses for it that came later.

  2. I agree with this. Sports in America is out of control.....the wages, the salaries, the importance of all of it. These people make a fortune and some are just terrible roll models for all the young kids. You may be opening a giant Pandora Box.


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