Sunday, January 4, 2015

Questions for CNN

Why hasn't someone explained to CNN management that "Breaking News" is not a graphic?

Why would anyone interested in news watch a cable channel that thinks there's only one story a day?

Why not eliminate CNN domestic, the one-story-a-day channel?

Why not just run CNN International, a cable news channel that lets people interested in news find out what's happening around the world?

Why does CNN have a programming strategy to drive news viewers away?

Why doesn't someone at CNN domestic come up with the idea to report the news?   CNN International does it.    And CNN doing news would fill a void left by ABC Disneynews where viewers are able to find the hottest YouTube clips but not much about what's happening in the world. 

If CNN management thinks international viewers are interested in news why does CNN management think American viewers aren't?  

Why watch CNN domestic?  Oh that's right, hardly anyone is.   That's understandable. 
CNN - the news channel that's not a news channel. 

Thank goodness for BBC and Al Jazeera.  Don't you wish someone in America would start a news channel?  



  1. Don't you wish someone in America would start a news channel?

    They did. Al Jazeera America. And nobody's watching that, either.

  2. Good luck trying to find cable clearance.


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