Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Is March Madness Academic Madness?

One story you probably won't find in the local sports section or on local TV as everyone cheers on the team, is how many classes athletes miss.

The NCAA says academics is a “core priority” for it and its member institutions.  Is March Madness actually academic madness?   

How many classes do student athletes miss due to game schedules and injuries?   How many classes and study days do athletes suffering from concussions miss?   With a concussion, medical experts say a student should refrain from studying because the brain needs rest.  What are the numbers like for the Mid American Conference?   Click and watch this report from Kent State University student journalist Jason Kostura.    For you reporters, go ask your university's athletic director to do an interview about how the department analyzes class absence and the impact missing class has on academic performance.   Unfortunately, not a single athletic director in the Mid American Conference would agree to an interview on the topic.   

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