Sunday, April 6, 2014

Another Coach Hired, Another Missed Story

Ohio University has hired a new basketball coach for only $550 thousand a year, a sum that would allow a university to hire half a dozen or more tenure track professors.   One question you won't hear the sports reporters ask is who pays for that?   It's a story the sports reporters will ignore again.  It's the academic students who pay.  The highest student fee charged to students at OU goes to fund athletics.    And college athletic budget crisis time is coming to our universities.    Sports reporters may ignore the stories; university presidents may ignore the problem.   But what can't be ignored too much longer is economic reality.  

With Monday's night Final Four championship game, it's a good time to remind university presidents, teachers, and taxpayers of the economic reality of college sports, a topic Dr. Andrew Zimbalist has been studying and analyzing for years.   

As he points out, most programs lose millions of dollars a year now.     Click and listen to what he predicts is coming.  


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