Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wasting Money on a Lawsuit?

It's a simple public records request asking for a copy of the contract between Kent State University and International Sports Properties, Inc.   Kent State did provide a unsigned copy of the contract to student reporter Doug Brown, but there's one major problem.  All the financial terms are redacted.  The taxpaying public would never be able to determine if this a good contract or a sweetheart deal or a total ripoff.  

Kent State says it cannot release the financial terms.   It claims the financial terms are "trade secrets."

Can you imagine any public university so foolish as to believe it can eliminate the financial terms of a contract?    It will be interesting to read the University's brief it will have to file with the Ohio Supreme Court to defend that legal reasoning.    Let's hope the University chooses not to waste time and money on a lawsuit it will lose.


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