Thursday, April 5, 2012

An Education Story Waiting to be Done

March Madness is over.   Now those players can do something they haven't done for a while, go to class.   A student in my computer-assisted reporting class, Doug Rogers, did an excellent interview with Jon Ericson, former provost of Drake University.   Jon is the retired founder of The Drake Group, but he's hardly retired from the Group's main concern:  academic integrity.

In his interview with Doug, Jon asks a great question.   Where's the teaching magic?   How can athletes who miss all kinds of classes and come dead tired to others, maintain high GPA's?   But Jon's not upset with the athletic department.   His concern is with the faculty, and he issues a challenge any university concerned with education should accept, and any education reporter should examine.

An Academic Challenge to University Faculty from Karl Idsvoog on Vimeo.


  1. Well that would force faculty to "use red ink" or have a backbone when someone asks for more than a fair chance and push back. This requires working against a trend of entitlement and undeserved self-confidence. From youth we teach them they are all special and we don't leave them behind when in reality the world could give a shit about anyone. Why bother working against the grain when you're a tenured faculty in a system that rewards efficiency? After all, it's quite a title, and they've worked so hard to get it. Now they are just old and tired. Rest on the laurels, spoil them and send them home to their parents already.

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