Monday, January 23, 2012

Press Fails to Ask a Basic Question

One simple question every presidential candidate should be asked:  Are you in favor of free market capitalism where when businesses make incredibly bad decisions they pay the price or are you in favor of the current system of crony capitalism where when businesses make incredibly bad decisions they come to the government for a taxpayer bailout and then give themselves bonuses at taxpayer expense?

Given our recent economic history and continuing economic struggles, why do you suppose the so-called reporters at the debates fail to ask such a basic question?

Obama has certainly made his answer is clear.   He's in favor of crony capitalism.   He put the people who helped create the problem in charge of maintaining the same broken system that will certainly fail again since nothing's been corrected.   Neither Romney nor Gingrich appears to be concerned with a broken system; they seem to support crony capitalism.   But that's not a totally fair statement because the reporters have failed to ask the basic question.   Is the candidate in favor of free-market capitalism?  If the answer is yes, then the follow-up question is what specific corrective actions will the candidate immediately take?  If the answer is no, if instead the candidate is in favor of crony capitalism, nobody will be surprised except with the honesty of the answer.   But it's impossible to get answers when the national press fails to ask the question.

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