Tuesday, January 31, 2012

KSU Criminal Court: Why No Follow Up?

On January 6, Kent State student reporter Doug Brown reported how KSU was planning to name its basketball court after a guy who had paid millions in fines to the Securities and Exchange Commission for defrauding his customers.   Doug Brown reports in the Daily Kent Stater, (Jason M.) "Cope was the branch manager of a financial firm that defrauded 190 investors of $8.7 million in late 1999 and early 2000."

Cope was going to donate a million bucks to Kent State and Kent State would name its basketball arena after him.   With Brown's story coming out, Cope changed his mind and withdrew his donation.

But what's missing from the initial story and has yet to be followed up is why did the Kent State Board of Trustees approve this?   What did athletic director Joel Nielsen tell the Board?   Did the Board know of Cope's background?   If so, why would it think it's a good idea in light of our current economic history to name the basketball court after someone who had to pay millions in fines to the SEC?  If Nielsen failed to tell the Board, how can the Board possibly overlook such a monumental mistake?

Have I missed something?   Has the Record Courier closed?   Is the Akron Beacon Journal shut down?  Is the student television station at KSU not wanting to do great interviews with Board members?   Maybe my checks missed a story by the Courier or the Beacon Journal or TV2; if so, please send the URL and I will post and apologize.  

Or because this is athletically related, is this a sacred cow?   Sports commentator Bruce Hooley was fired from his job after criticizing Ohio State, and he tells a compelling story you can click and see here about the Columbus media.   It took Sports Illustrated, not the local reporters, to tell the story of Jim Tressel's long history of NCAA violations. 

The country has suffered a financial meltdown.   Occupy Wall Street calls for financial reform.   Northeastern Ohio has been severely hit by the recession, and Kent State thinks it's ok to name the basketball arena after someone who defrauds customers?   And the Board was told what by Nielsen?  Why do you suppose such an incredibly obvious follow up story is not being done?   Anyone having information, please contact me.  kidsvoog@kent.edu    Thank you.

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