Saturday, October 22, 2011

NBC Won't Name Names in its Investigation of Medical Greed

It is a story of corporate greed.  NBC’s Lisa Myers reports how medical supply companies are inflating prices on desperately needed drugs to treat childhood leukemia, breast, ovarian and colon cancer.   
She interviews Congressman Elijah Cummings who talks about the Congressional investigation of the companies.   Cummings describes the corporate behavior as  “profiteering big time.”   
The investigation found a Miami-based company charging $990 for medicine that normally sells for twelve dollars.   The name of the company?   NBC doesn't report it.   Myers also reports on “another company” showing similar greed.  
What’s the name of that company?   Who is the CEO?   What is that person’s name?   Why isn’t his picture on TV for this investigative report?    NBC doesn’t explain that.
In her standup, Lisa Myers says, “We reached out to the companies accused of profiteering.   They deny the allegations, say they are cooperating with the investigation.  And, that they’re actually helping by getting drugs to patients who need them.”
But NBC viewers don’t know the names of the companies NBC reached out to because NBC doesn’t name them, nor does NBC explain in its report why it doesn’t name them.
Congressman Cummings says the companies not named in the NBC report represent the “epitome of greed.”   They certainly should be held accountable, and the public deserves to know who the companies are.   Don’t hold your breath waiting for NBC news to push this story.   NBC doesn’t even dare name the companies that are a subject of a Congressional investigation. 
When journalism fails, bad things happen. 

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