Wednesday, October 5, 2011

In the Land of the Second Amendment

In the land of the Second Amendment, what do you think will happen in our three class society (super rich, the rich, and the rest of us)?   Even in the industry with moderate corporate greed (media), the head of Gannett makes 277 times the median pay of the employee.  In the land of the Second Amendment, what do you think will happen as people lose their jobs, lose their homes, lose their retirement accounts and they see that when those in the super rich class make mistakes that would drive a small business out of business, the super rich get bailed out by the taxpayer and then the super rich give themselves multimillion dollar bonuses?

I haven't seen many reporters or columnists exploring the question.   And you certainly don't see many hard hitting interviews with members of board of directors or CEO's on the problem of wildly inflated executive compensation.   Remember when the first concern of a college president was education and not his/her pay package?  Remember when management and labor used to work together so when the business did well all prospered?  Do you think any members of the super rich ever think of what might be coming in the land of the Second Amendment?

We've watched what has happened elsewhere, but this isn't Greece.  This isn't London or Paris.   This is the land of the Second Amendment.

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