Thursday, February 16, 2023

The Story Every Local TV Newsroom Should Have Done Years Ago

We've all watched/read stories on the disaster in Palestine, Ohio.   One contributing factor that probably won't get discussed:  the failure of the press.

It's such an obvious story.   You watch railroad tankers roll through your community.  What are they hauling?   Is it toxic?  If there's a derailment, will the fumes pose a hazard?   Will the toxic chemicals pollute the water?  Will it kill livestock?  Will it kill people?

It's a totally obvious public safety story every local TV station that has a railroad running through its communities should have done.  

Are those tanker cars marked and labeled so local safety officials know what's in them?   Are those markings public record?  Are local fire departments alerted to toxic chemicals coming through their communities on rail?  If not, how come?  Why isn't that required?  Do the first responders have the necessary gear to handle a major derailment?   How would they know what they need if they don't know what's coming through on the trains?

Check your local TV stations.   If they haven't done such an important public safety story, ask how come.  When journalism fails, bad things happen.   


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