Saturday, February 29, 2020

Gretchen Carlson: Fighting for the Right to Speak

Full Disclosure:   years ago, Gretchen Carlson and I worked in the same newsroom at WCPO in Cincinnati.

Every so often there's a cause that anyone concerned with basic human rights has to support.  Gretchen Carlson, the woman who successfully sued Roger Ailes and won a 20 million dollar settlement, is leading one such cause.

Gretchen cannot talk about what Roger Ailes did to her because she signed a non-disclosure agreement, an NDA.   She also could not sue Fox News because her contract included a mandatory arbitration clause, meaning she could not take Fox News to court.  Now, through her nonprofit Lift Our Voices, Gretchen is working to ban both.  Any reporter, actually any citizen, should ask their politicians if they support Gretchen in her cause.

Should women (and men) have a right to speak about being sexually harassed in the workplace?  Should they have the right to take an employer that tolerates sexual harassment in the workplace to court?   Because in broadcast newsroom after broadcast newsroom and in lots of other workplaces they don't have those rights.  They can't talk.  They can't sue.  Please, anyone who has a contract requiring mandatory arbitration, please email a copy to  Thank you.


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