Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What Do Fox Affiliate General Managers Say about O'Reilly?

There is an astounding sentence that's hard to believe in this New York Times piece on Bill O'Reilly.  

"And inside Fox News, three women who work in the newsroom said that the continued support of Mr. O’Reilly by Fox News and its parent company, 21st Century Fox, led them to question whether the company was committed to maintaining a work environment “based on trust and respect,” as executives had promised last summer after the network’s founding chairman, Roger E. Ailes, was ousted."

Why would the women question whether 21st Century Fox is committed to a work environment based on trust and respect?   Of course it's not.   That's obvious.   If the corporation were committed to a work place based on trust and respect, Bill O'Reilly would have been fired long ago.  

What do the general managers of Fox affiliates across the country think?   Are they complaining to corporate?   Are they telling corporate to fire O'Reilly?   What do women and men in Fox newsrooms all across the country think?

Are local Fox general managers going to take a stand against sexual harassment?  If so, they'll complain to corporate.   That's what should be happening.   More than likely, the Fox affiliate general managers will be quiet.   They won't want to stand up for women, not when money is involved.   

As the parent company has demonstrated since its founding with serial sexual harasser Roger Ailes at its head, it doesn't care about sexual harassment.  It cares about money.  

Here's an easy worthwhile local story.   Call your local Fox GM.   Has the GM complained to corporate about Fox failing to fire O'Reilly?   If not, how come?   What do women in your local Fox newsroom think should be done with O'Reilly?  What do the men think?  

Sexual harassment should not be tolerated in any workplace.   It will persist as long as everyone stays quiet and does nothing.    Will O'Reilly continue on at Fox?   Most likely.  Attorney Lisa Bloom aptly and accurately describes Fox News headquarters in New York as the "Bill Cosby of corporate America."   
Attorney Lisa Bloom (L) with client Dr. Wendy Walsh
Will the parent company take substantive and strong deliberative action to change that?  Probably not.  It doesn't care about sexual harassment.  If it did, Roger Ailes never would have been hired in the first place,  and O'Reilly would have been fired long ago.   Fox IS the Bill Cosby of Corporate America.   For viewers who think sexual harassment is wrong, turn off Fox.   Turn off the station that supported the candidate for president who thinks it's ok to grab women.   It's not.  Not ever.  Sexual harassment is wrong.   It's always wrong.   It should never be tolerated, and neither should corporations who allow it year after year after year after year because the harasser has a show with high ratings.    Turn off Fox until Fox turns off Bill O'Reilly. 


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