Sunday, January 29, 2017


Who are the people and money behind the 45 Committee?  
The 45 Committee runs television ads supporting Tom Price and urging viewers to call Senator Brown to tell him to STOP blocking Price's nomination.    The 45 Committee runs television ads urging people to tell their Senators to support Jeff Sessions.   But the 45 Committee doesn't have the integrity to tell you who it is.     The 45 Committee won't say who is funding the organization.   And when you read its ABOUT page, what is there seems to be the definition of political BS.  
This is not an organization dedicating to fixing anything.  It's an organization dedicated to keeping its donors' names a secret so the viewer doesn't know who is pushing a particular political agenda. 

Come on Ohio reporters.  Track this organization down.   Hold it accountable. 

Actually, Politico did track down the 45Committee.   Read what it found here.   It's a rich guy who gets money from other rich people who are too afraid to put their names where their money goes.  Vanity Fair also did an excellent piece, and its headline accurately portrays what's happened to our politics.  Money and the powerful rich control the process.
Citizens should call Senator Brown's office and ask him to hold a press conference about the dangers of hidden political money and the need for transparency in political donations.
Citizens should call Todd Ricketts, the man behind this secret organization and ask him what are the implications for our democracy when its controlled by secret money. 

TV reporters should interview their own GM's and corporate CEO and ask them whether TV stations should run political ads from those who do so with hidden money.  What do the corporate owners think of what this kind of political advertising does to our political process and our democracy?    

TV reporters can also use social media.   The Ricketts family owns the Chicago Cubs.   What do Cubs Fans think of political ads from an organization designed to keep the names of those who give money a secret?


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