Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Way to go Joe!

Way to go Joe.   Just turn your show over to a presidential candidate who doesn't believe in science and treats women like sex toys.  

Just open up the airwaves.

Don't question.  Don't ask for facts.  Don't hold him accountable for anything.  Whenever he calls, just put him on the air.  Great idea.  

Just join the Fox News crowd, the "who do we hate today" network.  

There's no reason to do journalism when the only thing you care about is ratings.  There's no reason to be concerned about the country.  There's certainly no reason to be concerned about climate change or healthcare or war.   Just be a free national promotional vehicle.

Way to go Joe.  Nice work.  You should be proud.  I bet your work is what put him over the top.   Without your splendid effort, he probably wouldn't have made it.   Way to go Joe!


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