Sunday, August 7, 2016

My Endorsement of Donald Trump!

I'm endorsing Donald Trump for one simple reason.   It is a complex world.   Having a president with a vocabulary of only 250 words should simplify that.

If there's a serious problem, we'll know immediately.   It will be BIGLY. 

If there's a major problem facing the country, it will be VERY, VERY BAD.  

The New York Times will probably not be able to report on that with any finesse because as Donald Trump has accurately pointed out, the New York Times "doesn't write good."

The Republican Party may want to change its name to the VERY party because that's Donald Trump's second favorite word, the first being horrible.   Or perhaps his second favorite word is BAD.   All I know from listening to Trump and watching Fox News is that Hillary Clinton is a horrible person who is VERY, VERY BAD.  

If you don't believe me, ask Hannity.  He has a larger vocabulary than Donald Trump, but appears to be his intellectual equal. 

This is not a very good blog post.   In fact it's horrible.   Or maybe it's BAD.   Or possibly, it's very, very bad.  Could it possibly be bigly bad?   I can't find bigly in the dictionary, so perhaps I'm not using it good.  

Once elected, we should definitely pass a constitutional amendment that officially changes the name of the President of the United States to Duh.  

That would be good.   Very, very good. 

So the election comes down to a simple choice.   Are you going to vote for the horrible and very, very bad Hillary Clinton or are you going to vote for Duh?

In this complex world, it's time to simplify.   Vote for the guy with the 250 word vocabulary who Hannity likes.  


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