Friday, June 24, 2016

A Gun Question Local TV Reporters Should Ask Members of Congress (but don't)

GUN VIOLENCE - it's the only area where knowledge has been prohibited by Congress.

With automobile deaths, we recognized it was a public health problem.   Thousands died every year.   With automobile deaths, we did the science.   We collected the data. We got the facts.   We analyzed it.  Based on our research and analysis we came up with improvements for roads, for cars, for laws and the result:  deaths went down.

With gun violence thousands die every year.  Gun violence in cities across the nation is a significant public health problem.   But Congress has prohibited knowledge.   The CDC is not allowed to study it.

There's an obvious question every local news organization should be asking their members of Congress:  are you in favor of Congress prohibiting knowledge?

If your local TV reporters aren't asking their Congressional members that question, call the station general manager and ask why not.  Do commercial television stations have any responsibility to operate in the public interest?   Should a local commercial TV station that ignores its Congressional delegation and fails to hold its members accountable have its license to broadcast renewed?   

When journalism fails, bad things happen.   


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