Saturday, March 19, 2016


Finally, the Republican Party is upset with getting a candidate of its own creation.  Party Leaders now want to take action to stop Trump.   Most likely, it's too late for this election but not for the next.   With action, we can stop future Trumps from harming the country.

One solution for the future, Party Leaders should suggest to voters that journalism, not propaganda is essential in a democracy.   Guess what?   Facts matter.  

If Party Leaders are actually concerned about the country, they should get some of their super wealthy supporters to pay for a public education campaign like the ones we've done for using your seat belt and the dangers of driving and texting.   This would be a public education campaign to educate the public about journalism.  Top Republicans should privately and publicly tell Roger Ailes that Fox should do something it's never done:  journalism, not propaganda, not political talking points for the party. 

The country has lots of problems.   But every problem is not caused by President Obama.

Journalism requires verification.   What are the facts?  What is the evidence?   If journalists had done their jobs, there would not have been an Iraq war.   There was no imminent threat and the intelligence community knew that, and it was being confirmed daily by the UN weapons inspectors.  

If Fox News had done journalism instead of propaganda, there would be no Donald Trump about to get the nomination of the party.   And if voters would start demanding the same thing journalists should - facts - they will never support a candidate like Trump.   In addition, there will be no disagreement on global warming and the dire need to take action regarding climate change.   In that way, science is like journalism, facts matter.

We're now paying a national price for a party and a cable "news" network that have ignored facts.   
Ultimately, science will win.   There's no doubt of that.   Can journalism make a come back? Let's hope so or this country will be one of the shortest living world powers in earth's history.

When journalism fails, bad things happen.


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