Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Mother's Day Story Every Reporter Should Do.

Happy Mother's Day in the only industrialized nation that does NOT provide paid maternity leave.  Read the article in the Guardian.  That's a story that reporters in every market in this country should be doing, but they aren't.  

My Mom (89) and Mia
Come on local reporters!!!   Call up your members of Congress.   Ask  if he/she is in favor of or opposed to paid maternity leave.   Ask the member why he/she thinks the United States is the ONLY industrialized nation that does NOT provide paid maternity leave.  Ask the member what not having paid maternity leave does to the family economy and to the family.

And for mothers and fathers, call the general managers of your local TV stations and ask why their reporters never hold their members of Congress accountable on any substantive issue.   Ask the General Managers why their license to broadcast should be renewed.   If their reporters aren't holding their members of Congress accountable, that license should be yanked and given to a corporate owner who understands that a television station has an obligation and responsibility to operate in the public interest.   

And we all have an obligation to act in the interest of mothers. 

Happy Mother's Day. 


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  1. Yup! Actually, many countries are now materializing their law about the maternity leaves. If they do have mother they know that giving birth is not that easy as 1, 2, 3 they need proper vacation days to months to heal the wounds. The recovery is more important than having a regular vacation leave. They need time to recover I love my mom that’s why I agree with the mandatory maternity leaves. They deserve a vacation. -Dorothy of essay writing help


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