Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl Halftime Show Raises a Question Reporters Ignore

Tonight is the Super Bowl.   At halftime, we'll see a spectacular halftime show.   They may not be quite as spectacular as the Super Bowl extravaganza, but the halftime shows at college games are wonderful.  The Ohio State or Wisconsin or Michigan or UCLA or USC or Alabama bands put on a great show.   It's certainly far more interesting than a set full of football yackers. 

Why doesn't ESPN or the networks show the halftime show for college games?  

Does ESPN think it will lose audience?   Does ESPN think guys on a set yacking about the game will attract more viewers than a halftime event where viewers might see their son or daughter performing an entertaining show that has taken days/weeks of practice?

Why don't local sports reporters ask, "Hey ESPN, why don't you show the halftime show at college games?" 

It's halftime - time to yack, except during the Super Bowl.


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