Friday, November 21, 2014

Where is Boehner's Interview?

President Obama takes executive action on immigration.   No surprise, Speaker Boehner objects and criticizes.   But there's one problem.  

Boehner has consistently refused to bring an immigration bill to the floor of the house.

How come?  

Here's a better question.   Why hasn't a single Cincinnati television station asked the question?   Go to or or or and try to find a local reporter questioning Boehner.    He's a Congressman for this television market.  

Perhaps I missed it.   If it's there, please send me the link.   But I can't find a single Cincinnati television reporter asking the Speaker one question about why he has refused to bring the immigration bill to the House floor.

Should television stations that fail to hold their members of Congress accountable be given a license to broadcast?    

When journalism fails, bad things happen.


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