Friday, August 30, 2013

Morning Joe (actually, it's Morning Ford Commercial)

August 29th is the day Morning Joe needed to change the name of the show to Morning Ford Commercial.

As we face a tense situation in Syria, just look at the right turn this show decided to take to commercialism.  You have to give the producers credit.  Wow, what a line up for its infomercial.

As the Morning Joe website proclaims:  We’ll have a packed roster of guests, including…
  • Mike Barnicle, Morning Joe regular
  • Steve Ratner, former Obama administration auto czar
  • Michael Steele, former RNC chairman and MSNBC contributor
  • Brian Shactman, host of Way Too Early
  • Benny Napoleon, sheriff of Wayne County, MI and Mayoral candidate of Detroit
  • Mark Fields, Executive Vice President and President of The Americas for Ford Motor Company
  • Jimmy Settles, United Auto Worker Vice President
  • Mary Kay Henry, SEUI President
  • Tom Lewand, President of NFL Team, Detroit Lions
  • Alan Mulally, President and CEO of Ford Motor Company
  • Phil Lebeau, CNBC
  • Dan Gilbert, Chairman and founder of Quicken Loans Inc. and majority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Lake Erie Monsters, the Cleveland Gladiators and the Canton Charge
  • Bill Pulte, Blight Authority
  • Justin Verlander,  Detroit Tigers
  • Brian Sullivan, CNBC
I loved Mark Fields comments - straight promotion, not questioned at all by the cheerleaders on Morning Joe.  When do you think Morning Joe will do its infomercial for Chrysler?    Chrysler and General Motors should at least ask for free air time.   Why shouldn't they get the same consideration as Ford?    

(And a tip for Morning Joe producers re: what questions to ask about Syria:  watch the BBC and Al Jazeera and read the Guardian.  We've had way too much lapdog state-supporting TV.  A democracy needs journalists to do what they're supposed to do, not play human microphone stand for government or infomercial hosts for corporations.)


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