Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day Reminder

On Memorial Day, NBC, CBS, ABC, Washington Post and the New York Times owe the country an apology.   Had news organizations done their jobs, there would not have been a war in Iraq.   There was no imminent threat.   But instead of asking questions, the news organizations played cheerleader.

Years later, as we continue the "war on terror," it's time to ask the networks why they fail to do any serious substantive reporting on terrorism.   Who are these people, these terrorists who present such an incredible threat to the United States of America?   Why do they oppose America?  How many of them are there?   How are they funded?   Where do they get their weapons?

Afghanistan has a gross national product of 6.9 billion dollars.  To put that into context, Walmart does more than 450 billion in sales.   The fiscal 2013 budget for our smallest state, Rhode Island is 8 billion.

We continue to fight in Afghanistan because?

The threat posed to our country is what?   Perhaps we could simply do what we did with the surge, when we simply put the people who were shooting at us on the payroll.   When news organization after news organization reported on the success of the surge, why do you suppose nearly always they failed to report the reason the surge worked is because we paid the opposition to stop shooting?   Our soldiers continue to die in Afghanistan for what reason?   The in-depth questioning demanded by our involvement there is where?

The networks, of course, have their priorities.   Dancing With the Stars and American Idol are important; substantive reporting is not.  

On Memorial Day, our major news organizations owe the country an apology.


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