Saturday, December 10, 2011

Football = Dogfighting??

The New Yorker asks a pertinent question for a civilized society:  how different are dogfighting and football?    On the Huffington Post you'll find another worthwhile story on the father of a professional quarterback who is outraged at the team putting his son back in the game after being knocked silly.    Both stories provide countless follow ups for news organizations that want to report instead of cheerlead.

How many interviews will you see in the coming weeks with college presidents asking them why their university spends major money on a sport that causes brain damage?   Let's pay attention to the interviews of high school principals and PTA's.   How much money do the broadcast networks and newspapers and cable operations and web sites make from football?   Will local news organizations examine the issue of just how dangerous this sport is or will the editors instruct their reporters to just keep waving the pom poms? 



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